Open lounges

What…. For anyone wanting to know, be encouraged in and share their spiritual gifts with others. We will all learn to lead where we are and share in any area we feel God has given us a passion and gift for. It will be lead in a workshop way similar to the artist’s way. We will do outreach, life skills, artistic things – the avenues are endless. We want to celebrate each person as the gift of God they are to better love and reach others.

When… We meet at 7pm on Wednesdays

Where… At the Njagu home in the Avenues (please contact the church office for more details).

What… Choose Life! Our open lounge is to equip, assist and encourage people in making choices towards health and life – physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally – in their day to day lives

When… Friday from 6pm

Where… Please contact the church office for more information

What… Over 50s let’s get to know one another over an evening of entertainment. We will be playing various card and board games

When… Every Wednesday at 6:45pm

Where… Please contact the church office for location information

What… All believers are  commanded to joyfully serve others. A true believer’s hospitality is about serving others, breaking down human barriers to pursue strangers and extending God’s love. Whosoever sits at my table and eats with us will leave spiritually blessed.

When… Having begun on 27 January, we will meet every second Saturday at 3pm until 5pm

Where… Please contact the church office for location information

What… Base care is a ministry to the less fortunate in the church. The meeting is open to anyone who has a heart for helping people.

When… The first Sunday of every month at 11.15am (after the service)

Where… At the Base Church

What… The effects of divorce on people and how to overcome them through Jesus.

When… Every 2nd Thursday at 6:30 pm for 7pm (starting date Thursday 25/01/18)

Where… the Base Church, Touching Base (coffee shop).

What… For young, old and in between to have fun and learn about Israel from the Bible. Learn about Israel’s customs, feasts and cuisine. Watch DVDs of the land and people celebrating Shabbat. 

When… To be held twice a month on a Friday 4pm – 7pm, starting January 26.

Where… Highlands (please contact the  church office for more details).

What…  We want to primarily fellowship when making and sharing an Indian meal together. We will watch a video every week with discussion time and there will be homework which will be discussed the following meeting. The participation levels will be increased from term to term.

When… Every second Saturday at 4pm starting January 27

Where… At the Base Church

What… To know God more as well as each other as we grow in Him. We are a close knit group who want to be accountable to each other as we seek a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. We have a meal together and then study the Bible. We want to grow as a group of Christians and go out and touch others as we
live out the calling our amazing God gives us.

The biggest our group can be is 12 people and we are at full capacity at the moment.

What… Incorporated means to unite, integrate, merge or combine so as to form one body. Therefore this group is for mothers, mothers to be, grandmothers, regardless of your age, because once a mother, always a mother. We connect through faith-based studies, discussions and fun. No matter where you are on your ‘mom journey’, you are welcome at Mothers Incorporated. An air hostess gives the instruction, in the case of an emergency … put the oxygen mask on your own face first before trying to help anyone else. “Every Life-Giving Mom needs to be connected to the ultimate Life-Giver. Like the air that we breathe to sustain life, oxygen is a symbol for the continual supply of the breath and life of the Holy Spirit.”

Something for your heart and something for your home.
⇒ Study the Word of God together
⇒ You will be loved and encouraged and uplifted.
⇒ Learn new tips and tricks for yourself and your family.

This group is full at the moment but please enquire at the church office to check.

What… We are studying skills to relate with God, self and others. Like Ephesians 4:25 telling the truth in love, speaking the word to self so that we grow up into the image of Christ by the renewing of own minds. Also going to touch on boundaries with kids, baking, cooking, icing and other home tips, such as stretching the dollar wisely.

When… Every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm

Where…  Base Church coffee shop

What… Understanding the Word of God through scripture concerning our daily lives.
This open lounge is mainly targeting people who live in the same proximity as the church.

When… We meet once a week on Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Where… At the Base Church.

What… For young and old, all those who have a passion to worship our King in their own way. Writing songs, praying and worshipping (music and acts of worship), reading the Bible and sharing.

When… Every Saturday 10am – 11am.

Where… At the Base Church

What… Young vibrant group after God’s heart. Come for life skills into adulthood and guidance on being the best you can be. We teach you that there is fun in Jesus.

When… Every second Friday of the month at 6pm

Where… At the Base Church coffee shop

What… We will do various studies during the year to gain more insight and depth into the things close to the Father’s heart. This term we will be doing a course on prophetic training by Kris Vallaton. There will be a light supper and then we will go through our planned course.

When… We will meet Wednesday evenings 7pm to 9pm.

Where… Please contact the church office for location information.

What… Meet together for a meal and Bible study, often concentrating on marriage or parenting.

When… Meet on Thursdays at 7pm.

Where… Venues change from week to week. Lots of fun, socials and ‘do life’ together (please contact the church office for more details).