Age Grade Class Room
Babies QZ Mothers Room*
Toddlers QZ West Wall (Auditorium)* QZ Toddlers Room* RZ Playground*
4-6 years 0-2 Base Cubs
7-12 years 3-7 Base Lions
13 – 16 years Form 1-4 Base Teens

* Your child is in your care


Mother's Room

Our Mothers room is a private quiet lounge for mommies and babies. Here you can feed, change and settle your infant in a peaceful space. Basic refreshments are set out for you, and you can enjoy a live sound feed from the main service.

Please make use of the Toddlers Room or the outside playground area for unsettled babies!

Auditorium West Hall

At the west side of the auditorium we have set out a carpeted zone for families with young children. This space is a QUIET ZONE, which means you can supervise your toddlers during the service as long as they are engaged in quiet play that does not disturb those around you. We ask you to move to the Toddlers room or the playground outside if your child becomes loud or distracting, as a courtesy to others. Our ushers will guide you in this.


The Playroom is an indoor room adjoining the foyer, for you to use to interact with your toddlers. It is equipped with toys for you and your little ones to play with. There is no supervision in the playroom until the lesson begins, but you can use the playroom if you remain with your child.

Playroom Class

You will know when the lesson starts, as a banner will appear on the overhead screens in the main service, at which time all children leave for their lessons. You are invited to join us with your child as we sing, dance, enjoy activities, pray and have a story time, before we go outside for a snack and playtime. We ask all parents of children in this age group, to participate in leading or assisting a class, and the supervisor of this age group will introduce you to this plan after a few weeks.

Outside Playground

The outside playground is a popular zone for all age groups! It is unsupervised, and we invite parents to make use of the area to interact with their children. Please always ensure the safety of your own children while they are enjoying the playground facilities.