On 26 July 2000, then “Gateway to the Nations” church was planted in the lounge of a Mission House in Highlands, by Zimbabwean born, then South African based, Ian and Bernie Weeden. The church grew onto the veranda, overflowed into the dormitories, and eventually moved into Alex Park School hall. In 2007, Ian and Bernie had to leave Zimbabwe hurriedly, by order of Immigration and they handed the church over to Ken and Janette Clark, albeit over email.  Ken and Janette had already felt God preparing them for this new challenge, and although they felt not quite ready to lead the church, they were willing.

In 2011 the church moved to its current premises on 100 Enterprise Road and changed its name to, “The Base Church”. In May 2019, Ken and Janette who were full-time elders, left to Liverpool, to partner with a church there and handed over the church to Alun and Debby Hart. This marks a new season, transitioning from a full-time lead eldership couple to all the current elders being market place elders.