Base Men

Base Men’s Ministry is aimed at helping men grow in their knowledge of God’s Word so that they might pursue holiness (1 Peter 1:13-16) and godliness (1 Timothy 4:7-8) and be godly leaders in their family, in the church, and in the community. This happens through regular biblical instruction, personal discipleship, spiritual accountability, and genuine fellowship. Men’s ministry encourages men to grow in their personal walk with Christ, train up the younger men in Christ, and reach the world for Christ.

Purpose Statement

Men’s ministry exists to help men be disciplined for the purpose of godliness in all areas of life through teaching, discipleship, encouragement, accountability, and leadership training.

The Base Men's Camp - 2019

Past mens camps had centred around fishing and fun. The last Mens trip was centred around serving and fun. The slogan "Christianity with boots on" was the reality of the last trip where 4 groups travelled through huge amounts of mud to areas in Chimanimani badly affected by Cyclone Idai. After arriving at Chimanimani, everyone split into four groups according to their respective skill sets and where they could best help. Quintin and Frank went with the group handling the counseling in the churches in the affected areas of Chimanimani. Chris, Alun and Greg went with another group tasked with fixing the pipelines that Idai had destroyed, Chris and a few others went off to a school in the area to fix some other pipelines, and Paul went to fix some wiring at another school. Sujit was involved with the Foundations for farming group; using the seedlings Chris had donated, they taught and implemented how to plant tomatoes in two areas. The first area was severely affected, a suburb in Chimanimani itself, and the other location was in a place called Rusitu valley. William and Titus handled this area.