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The Elders and Leaders of The Base Church

Ken and Janette are the lead elders at The Base. Their passion is bringing people into real Christianity that is based on obedience to the bible.

Ken and Janette Clark

Lead Elders

Alun and Debby became elders in 2007/2008. Their passion is helping people be restored to a good relationship with Jesus.

Alun and Debby Hart


Les and Sheree were made Elders in 2012. They are passionate about seeing people find out who they are in Christ.

Les and Sheree Hobbs


Quintin and Via

Quintin and Via Fick

Base Kids Leaders

Ken's Blog, News and Sunday Sermons

Have a look here for the most recent activity at the Base

Marah and Manna

2017-03-26 – Ken Clark – Marah and Manna[...]

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Benjamin or Benoni

 IntroductionWe all know the story about the two twin boys one an optimist and the other a pessimist. The parents are upset with both. The optimist is driving them crazy because he is always happy an[...]

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Christ Centered ChurchWhat does it mean to be a Christ-centered Church? In this small book, Tyrone Daniel explores the kind of fruit we should expect to see as individuals, and in our churches, if we [...]

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Church doesn't only happen on Sunday. For more information visit our Ministries tab.


Homegroups take place every Wednesday evening. They are a place to connect to each other during the week to ensure everyone is part of a support group. Find the best one for you by contacting the church office during the week, or one of the Elders on a Sunday morning.

Worship Tribe

If you have a talent or skill and want to use it to worship God, then come and join us during the week and become part of The Worship Tribe. Tuesday evenings at 6 pm.

Morning Prayer

Wednesday mornings from 6.30 am. All are welcome.

Base Care

A ministry within the Base Church with the mission of assisting the less fortunate, physically, emotionally and spiritually to become fully integrated members of Christ’s church.


A Christ Centered Church - Tyrone Daniel